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Special worldwide 'Major Love Prayer' June 25 to cherish Michael & Heal the World in his honor

♥ Major Love Prayer / Meditation ♥
♥ June 25, 2016 (Saturday) ♥
♥ Worldwide @ 2pm PT / 5pm ET / 21:00 GMT ♥

We're sending out a *MAJOR LOVE* this June 25th, our hearts united worldwide in the deepest GRATITUDE, HONOR and RESPECT for Michael Jackson and the children of the world. At exactly 2:00pm PT (see time chart below), on every continent, in every nation, at the exact same moment across the globe we will join together in spirit to CHERISH MICHAEL and to HEAL THE WORLD in his honor. Absolutely everyone is welcome, and you can join from wherever you are on the 25th. (You don't have to be online for it). Friends will be joining from all over the planet, including Forest Lawn, together as ONE in LOVE and GRATITUDE. Instructions are below. :) Please help spread the word! Thank you so much! ♥

- 2pm US Pacific (3pm MDT- 4pm CDT- 5pm EDT)
- 18:00 Buenos Aires/Rio de Janeiro
- 21:00 Reykjavik/Lisbon (UT/GMT)
- 22:00/10:00 London (BST)
- 23:00 Paris/Berlin/Rome (CET/CEST)
- 00:00 Bucharest/Jersualem
- 01:00 Moscow/Dubai (26th)
- 02:30 Mumbai (26th)
- 04:00 Bangkok/Jakarta (26th)
- 05:00 Beijing/Singapore (26th)
- 06:00 Tokyo/Seoul (26th)
- 07:00 Melbourne/Sydney (26th)
- 09:00 Auckland (26th)
Find your location at http://timeanddate.com/s/2wzc

1) Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Say any personal prayers you'd like to start with. Focus your heart in LOVE by thinking of all those you love. You can also send your LOVE to Michael on this 7th anniversary. Just picture him in your mind as vividly as you can... hug him, thank him, cry, smile, be in peace. Hold him in your heart with GRATITUDE. Don't rush. It's okay if you linger here for a while! ♥

2) When you feel ready, turn your attention to the thousands of others are also gathered in his memory at this moment. We are all over the world - in our homes or at tributes, Neverland or Forest Lawn - yet we now JOIN HANDS IN SPIRIT with the energy of this shared LOVE. Visualize us now connected across oceans and continents, forming a GLOBAL GRID OF LOVE! We are ONE. ♥

3) Feel this MAJOR LOVE that we have together, and let it expand within you. Let the love expand between us until ALL THE WORLD feels it! Let us fill all of Planet Earth! Visualize the planet glowing in beautiful light that touches all hearts, all oceans, all forests, until even the molecules in the air look like little heart-shaped confetti or glitter or light. Ask that this MAJOR LOVE now HEALS THE WORLD and that it PROTECTS and NOURISHES all CHILDREN and EVERYONE IN NEED. May it serve as inspiration to create positive change from within. ♥

Stay in this MAJOR LOVE and hold this vision for as long as you can, with all the LOVE in your heart. Continue to see it embracing all the world, your loved ones, Michael's loved ones, and Michael... across time, space and forever. May he be cherished and respected, and may his legacy be protected with truth and dignity for countless generations to come!

Amen/Namaste/Blessings and THANK YOU. Much love to each of you, for all you do for Michael's legacy, for all your love for the world. This is the 82nd time we've joined together like this to "send out a major love". And dear Michael... You have our endless love and gratitude. May you be in peace and bliss. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ♥♥♥

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ‪
#‎MajorLovePrayer‬ happens every month on the 25th. For more information & translations to 19 languages, please see www.majorloveprayer.org

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Kerry Hennigan said...

6.30 am on 26th June in Adelaide. I'll be there!

angela said...

5 pm in Michigan on the 25th. We will uplift Michael while our tears rain down.

Anonymous said...

23:00 in Germany ❤

Anonymous said...

In the UK

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