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We're Sending Out a Major Love! Please join us MONDAY, JULY 25 to Heal the World!

♥ MAJOR LOVE PRAYER / Meditation ♥
♥ Worldwide ~ this Monday, July 25 ♥
♥ 2pm PDT/ 3pm MDT/ 4pm CDT/ 5pm EDT ♥
... 21:00 UT / 10.00 in UK / 23:00 W. Europe

Lovelies, please join us this MONDAY, JULY 25th for another global #MajorLovePrayer in honor of Michael Jackson and the children of the world. 🌎 July's prayer/meditation will be the 83rd month we've united across the planet in spiritual unity, to "send out a major love"! Together we will embrace every heart and every molecule on Earth within a powerful field of POSITIVE ENERGY, healing the world with love, peace and compassion. Absolutely EVERYONE is invited... all faiths, all beliefs, all nations, wherever you will be, online or not. It's very easy to take part-- please see the info below or on our website www.majorloveprayer.org. Thank you and much LOVE! ♥♥♥

Find your location at -> timeanddate.com/s/2wzd
- 02:00pm PDT / 3pm MDT/ 4pm CDT/ 5pm EDT
- 18:00 Buenos Aires/Rio de Janeiro
- 21:00 Reykjavik/Lisbon (UT/GMT)
- 22:00/10:00 London (BST)
- 23:00 Paris/Berlin/Rome (CEST)
- 00:00 Bucharest/Jersualem
- 01:00 Moscow/Dubai (26th)
- 02:30 Mumbai (26th)
- 04:00 Bangkok/Jakarta (26th)
- 05:00 Beijing/Singapore (26th)
- 06:00 Tokyo/Seoul (26th)
- 07:00 Melbourne/Sydney (26th)
- 09:00 Auckland (26th)


1) Relax, breathe deeply and focus yourself in LOVE. (If you need help with this, try thinking of WHO you love deeply.) Let your heart fill with JOY and GRATITUDE. Breathe LOVE. Be LOVE. It's okay if it takes a couple of minutes to get there.Just breathe with as much LOVE as you can...

2) When you're ready, visualize reaching out with that love energy and CONNECTING to all of us across the world who are doing the same right now. Together we form a GLOBAL GRID of LOVE, connected and essentially holding hands across oceans and continents!

3) Next, we "send" that MAJOR LOVE out across the planet! To do this, LET YOURSELF FEEL LOVE FOR ALL THE WORLD and let it flow outward and all around. You may visualize waves of beautiful, sparkling light moving across each continent, drops of love raining down from above, or just a beautiful energy field that fills and surrounds the planet. May this comfort the hurting, confused, sick or grieving. Send your love, well wishes and compassion to EVERYONE and EVERYTHING, without exception. May all be HEALED! Stay in this MAJOR LOVE... feel it, envision it, let yourself soak in it along with the world (for several minutes, if you can). We ask that this MAJOR LOVE remains AMPLIFIED and fully available to all in need, every moment from this point forward. .... Finally, release the intention/prayer into the world. Lift your arms up and let it fly free! When finished, refocus on your surroundings, feel the floor beneath your feet, and vow to carry this love in action into the world. ♥

With Gratitude, Amen and Namaste. ♥♥♥ Our deepest gratitude to our fellow 'MJ family'. May we always be united in this mission of LOVE! Thank you! We hope to 'see' you again next month for the next 'Major Love Prayer'! ♥

~ the MLP team
#MajorLovePrayer every 25th

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Kerry Hennigan said...

Will be making a special plea for healing and guidance for the MISS-guided, so that negativity around Michael's memory and legacy can be dispelled by truth and knowledge, leaving more energy for healing the world (and making it a better place for all). MLP is 6.30 am Tues 26th here in South Australia. Much love.

BeGodsGlow said...

We're sending out a MAJOR LOVE! ❤❤❤ TODAY at exactly 2pm PDT / 5pm EDT / 21:00 UT / 22:00 BST / 23:00 CEST/MEZ ... Wherever you are, please join this global wave of love, light and peace! #MajorLovePrayer

First calm yourself within, breathe deeply, focus on love, on who you love, on the compassion you feel for those in need. Then reach out with that love. Visualize us all across the world, connecting with glowing light energy, forming a global grid of MAJOR LOVE that crosses all borders, all oceans, across all continents. WE ARE ONE.

Now feel and visualize that this MAJOR LOVE is expanding, expanding, moving outward to EVERYONE and everything on Earth. It touches EVERY heart, healing and making whole. We send our love to ALL people, of all colors, creeds and faiths, in all nations. May this touch their hearts and awaken the seed of spiritual unity within. We are ONE planet. We truly have no need for violence, hatred and bloodshed. We have no need for lies, corruption and greed. It is time we grow up and face each other in PEACE and cooperation. This means each of us as well. We accept this and vow to walk in the light. We are ONE. We are LOVE. And we send this MAJOR LOVE to all living beings who share the planet with us... to the animals, the forests, the oceans, the air. May this HEALING touch every molecule, every atom. Can you feel it?!

Stay in this LOVE as long as you can. Envision the world glowing in it, surrounded, permeated and HEALED. This applies to our loved ones, our neighbors, the media (especially the gossip/tabloid media who will henceforth report with integrity), our leaders, our teachers, our public servants, our governments. PEACE replaces conflict. LOVE replaces hate. TRUTH replaces lies. JOY replaces sorrow. We are ONE. Amen/Namaste/Blessings and Gratitude. May we remain united in this mission, for Michael and the children of the world, and for all our future. Thank you! ❤


Jeannette said...

God Bless you everyone❤ Keep the Faith and feel the breeze of love within your soul....Together we will Heal the World ❤

Unknown said...

Is normal?...my forehead hurt when I sending out a major love...why?...is a chackra?
Sorry for my english (/-\)

BeGodsGlow said...

Thank you all! Much LOVE, blessings and have a safe and beautiful month! ❤ See you again for the August 25th MLP! 🌎💞

BeGodsGlow said...

Dear Sofi San, I believe it could be a chakra opening (or opening more), yes. Perhaps it was the intense energy or your intense concentration, also. I remember getting strange head pains sometimes during the prayer when we first started in 2009 and 2010! Are you feeling better now? If you feel jittery (nervous or like you have too much energy) or have a headache, focus on your feet and the floor and visualize any excess energy draining off of your aura and into the Earth where it will heal the Earth. Say to yourself, "I am completely healthy and feel good!" Eating something will also help. :) Thank you for sending out a major love with all of us today! 💝 ~ BeGodsGlow (MLP Team)

Unknown said...

The center of my eyebrows hurt, but when i open my eyes no...
One guy said me my chackra Ajna is too open...well i will relaxing in the next meditacion.
In this meditacion (July 25) I felt the Michael Jackson aura...so random.

If you don't understand my english, im sorry, i speak spanish and i need read more english.

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