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Special 'Major Love Prayer' - Please join us February 25 to send out a MAJOR LOVE

♥ Major Love Prayer/Meditation ♥
♥ Monday, FEBRUARY 25 ♥
♥ Worldwide ~ see time chart! ♥

Dear, beautiful MJFam ~ This coming Monday, February 25th, we will again be uniting at the same moment around the world for #MajorLovePrayer - a special moment of global spiritual unity and healing that happens every 25th in honor of #MichaelJackson. This will be the 114th month that we have joined together to send out a major love!

As you know, though, this is not a usual month. :'( Due to current circumstances, we are going to begin this month a little differently, by focusing an intense, brilliant ray of LIGHT, TRUTH and PROTECTION that will shine nonstop within, around and through Michael's NAME and LEGACY. (This is also something we can do DAILY - will be posting more about this soon.) So, with all the LOVE and strength in our hearts, we will call the LIGHT from Above - and then expand it all into a global wave of major, major, MAJOR LOVE that will bring HEALING, HOPE, PEACE & POSITIVE ENERGY to our planet and all living beings!

Everyone is invited, no matter your religion, faith or beliefs. Our goal is simply to BE LOVE, as one global consciousness, to HEAL THE WORLD and all its CHILDREN, to inspire from the heart and 'be God's glow', as one small part of Michael's legacy of LOVE. Instructions and time charts are below (you don't have to be online at prayer time) and at www.majorloveprayer.org. Thank you SO very much, dear friends! Please help spread the word! Here's THIS POST ON FACEBOOK to share :) Thx! ♥♥♥

See https://timeanddate.com/s/3spk for the correct time in your location. Some examples:

- 2pm/14:00 Los Angeles/Seattle/Vancouver (PST)
- 3pm/15:00 Denver/Phoenix/Calgary (MST)
- 4pm/16:00 Chicago/Winnipeg/Mexico City (CST)
- 5pm/17:00 NYC/Toronto/Havana/Lima (EST)
- 18:00 Halifax/San Juan/Caracas
- 19:00 Buenos Aires/Santiago/Montevideo
- 20:00 Rio de Janeiro/São Paulo
- 22:00 Accra/Reykjavik/London/Lisbon (UT/GMT)
- 23:00 Paris/Rome/Warsaw/Budapest (CET/MEZ)
- 00:00 Cairo/Bucharest/Jerusalem/S.Africa (26th)
- 01:00 Moscow/Istanbul/Kuwait/Nairobi (26th)
- 01:30 Tehran (26th)
- 02:00 Dubai (26th) - 02:30 Kabul (26th)
- 03:00 Karachi/Lahore (26th)
- 03:30 Mumbai/New Delhi/Kolkata (26th)
- 04:00 Dhaka/Almaty (26th) - 4:30 Yangon (26th)
- 05:00 Bangkok/Jakarta/Hanoi (26th)
- 06:00 Perth/Beijing/Singapore/Manila (26th)
- 07:00 Tokyo/Seoul (26th)
- 08:00 Brisbane (26th) - 08:30 Adelaide (26th)
- 09:00 Sydney/Melbourne (26th)
- 11:00 Auckland (26th)
- More at timeanddate.com/s/3spk


~ ~ ~ 1) *BE LOVE* - When it's about time to begin, focus your heart in LOVE as deeply as you can, breathing it, feeling it, allowing your energy to become one with PURE LOVE. Don't focus on worry, fear or anger. Let it go for now. Just think of love - of Michael, your loved ones, a Higher Power. Invite LOVE, compassion, giving and truth into your heart. Allow yourself to glow in benevolence and peace. Sit with this for a couple of minutes...

~ ~ ~ 2) *LIGHT OF TRUTH & PROTECTION* - Next, visualize Michael's NAME. Just think of the letters, the spelling, the sound of the name MICHAEL JACKSON. When written, spoken or thought, a person's NAME evokes an entire world of related images, sounds, emotions, memories and ideas. In this world, in the realm of the public, the name is REPUTATION. It is LEGACY. Behind the name MICHAEL JACKSON is the real person, the private man and the public celebrity - and his name conjures up what the world sees, hears, feels and thinks about him. For us it's much more personal, as we know so much more and love him so dearly, but everyone knows (or thinks they know) something about MJ. And right now, all of that - his name, reputation, memory and legacy (and thus his heart and all he is/was) are under attack. And we need the public to SEE THE TRUTH. We need them to see through the lies, past the false narratives and the devious deception. Therefore...

WE NOW CALL FOR A BRILLIANT, UNWAVERING LIGHT FROM ABOVE to shine brightly with him, through his name, through his voice, through his music, his words, his image. Everything of Michael's carries this light, amplified so that he cannot be misread. VISUALIZE the name MICHAEL JACKSON in giant block letters made of LIGHT that emanates from within. This LIGHT OF TRUTH will now outshine all slander. The LIGHT OF TRUTH will now clear away the lies. Nothing negative can stick to his name or his legacy. HE IS PROTECTED. HIS NAME SHINES BRIGHTLY WITH LOVE, PEACE, HOPE and INNOCENCE from this day forward, continuing to inspire and delight, encouraging humanity to reach for our dreams and HEAL OUR PLANET. The real Michael prevails.

~ ~ ~ 3) *GLOBAL GRID OF LOVE* - Now it's time to connect and send out a major love (like we do every month)! We are together right now, holding this light for Michael across the world, on every continent, in every country, in every realm, so reach out with that all that LOVE in your heart to your brothers and sisters across the planet. We reach out our hands spiritually to each other and encircle the Earth with a global grid of MAJOR LOVE, each of us a glowing point of light and love energy, connected to the next and so on. We are not far away. WE ARE ONE, as the Earth is ONE. As LOVE makes everything ONE in higher consciousness.

~ ~ ~ 4) *SENDING OUT A MAJOR LOVE* - Now feel the love expanding, expanding, filling the entire world, touching every heart and HEALING THE WORLD from the inside out. Through the ocean and deserts, in mountains and plains, ALL IS LOVED. We love you! Everyone, everything! Every animal, plant, every molecule is within this MAJOR LOVE. Nothing is left out. Nothing is left unchanged by love. All is LOVE. Hold this vision and this knowing as long as you can, for several minutes if possible, then allow it to settle upon the earth and be carried in the wind. Let it fly free... Let it remain available to all who need it, who are suffering or grieving, who are in pain or seeking inspiration to do good and #MakeThatChange.


#MajorLovePrayer every 25th 
Website: www.majorloveprayer.org
Twitter: www.twitter.com/majorloveprayer
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MajorLovePrayer


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