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Major love for MJ in the Congo

Hi everyone. Check out the video below. Great job, guys! And so amazing! Michael Jackson is loved so dearly throughout the world and continues to be such a blessing on so many levels. He's still with us in spirit, channeling the uniting force of light and love, and now it's up to us to continue that legacy. Michael has always helped remind us that we're all ONE. It doesn't matter if you're in Japan or Brazil or Russia or Congo, being a fan makes you realize this on such a deep level, as everyone in the world should. And MJ fans are like family. A huge family, connected all over the planet. Can't wait until Dec 25th and our next prayer event. It's going to be a major, major, major L.O.V.E. :) Keep spreading the word, guys!

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just another fan said...

Imagine the worldwide appeal of Michael!

This young man from the video doesn't even have the opportunity to listen to Michael's music at his own home but goes to his sister's to listen to MJ's CDs - miles away!

And then returns home to his village and performs Michael's dances merely from his memory.

*He got Michael in his heart.*

And it doesn't matter if he is fluent in English or not. Most people aren't.

To know that Michael inspired people literally all over the world is such a mindblowing thing! Take any country and Michael is loved there. Try to imagine that for a second - or an hour ...

I feel so connected to this young man from the video because he knows and loves the gentle and loving Michael in his heart that the world was so meanly deprived of.

We are all brothers and sisters in essence and Michael makes us realize that.

Thank you, Michael, for your life here on Earth.
You have started something in our hearts that is going to lead us to a gorgeous new future. One of LOVE.

LB said...

I think this blog is awesome. We all should work to heal the world and make it a better place.

Fan71 said...

Michael Jackson, I love you forever. You are the reason I'm praying for L.O.V.E. Without you I may not have even been alive today. You taught me, you see. I also pray I'll see you again someday, somewhere.

Anonymous said...

People the world over continue celebrating Michael as a music and dance icon. Even though they've heard of the allegations against him and feel confused, they STILL keep loving him as an entertainer, a creative genius, a role model. In many places of the world they have no access to the internet, and if they do, they may not understand the language in which Michael and others spoke of his innocence, or when information is presented on his humanitarian efforts and activism for the healing of the planet, our children and families, for the disadvantaged, for justice, love, magic and peace. These underprivileged millions of people STILL connect to Michael regardless, because Michael knew how to connect to them: on heart, body, mind and soul levels through his songs and moves! You and I know that HE WAS PURE, and just like many before him was persecuted for what he willingly or unconsciously rubbed in to those, who are rotten. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQwY4ll1Kfc&feature=related
English is a second language for me, and when I was 16, in Eastern Europe, I was dancing to the beat of Thriller, Bad, Smooth Criminal… singing, imitating the words in this foreign language for me without knowing what they meant at that time. I got busy (with university, work, life…), after I escaped my communist country in 88, and did not follow any one artist, let alone Michael Jackson, of whom I heard rumors of strangeness and delinquency.
When Michael died, I watched the coverage of him on the mainstream media in Canada (where I now live) and the very first day I noticed major inconsistencies in reporting on him. When out of curiosity I began researching everything Michael Jackson on the net from the next day on, I wept, wailed, howled at the computer, in bed, on the floor for two weeks straight (and still do at times). I took an extended vacation to digest the reality that hit me, who we’ve lost, who I didn’t know existed… even though I dreamed of, hoped for someone like him, so that my soul, body and heart aspirations would be validated and expressed.
Only after he died did I realize that Michael wasn’t only an entertainer: he was an embodiment of some of the best human qualities attainable and a victim of one of the worse circumstances, persecutions and struggles one can be subjected to, that we all can perhaps SOMEWHAT relate to in this challenging world.

Anonymous said...

Can we pause and comprehend, how privileged we are? If you’re reading this note, you likely have access to a computer, the internet; you are computer/ internet literate, understand the language, perhaps have had the privilege to love and appreciate Michael when he was alive, and maybe have been to some of his live performances, may have met him, been associated with him or even worked, lived, laughed… with him. With tears in my eyes I confess to you that I would have changed places with many of you, just to rewind to any time before Michael’s death, to be able to in some, even small way, contribute to him, his life and his amazing work.
God/ Universe wanted it for me differently; hence, I try to do whatever I can now, to further this special man’s legacy. I consider myself to be Michael’s passionate fan now, but also his disciple: he’s been teaching me how to live and love like I’ve never known before.
I’ve also laughed with joy and cried in deep relating to you and in empathy, when reading the thousands of soulful comments from you, Michael’s fans everywhere on the net. GOD, YOU ARE SUCH BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! Please, know that about yourselves! Michael would have wanted you to know that, I’m sure of that! From what I understand, he would have wanted to meet you, EVERY ONE OF YOU, embrace you, plant a kiss, spend quality time with you—be that while watching movies, playing games, splashing in the water or throwing water balloons, playing with children and animals all over the world, climbing trees, reading fantastical stories to each other, singing, dancing… creating MAGIC in the world. Those who wanted to share all this with him, who love him truly and from the bottom of their hearts and souls, were his primary inspiration to go on, in times of joy, and in times of trials and tribulations. I’m certain that he wrote and sang and danced for all of us—for healing of our missed childhoods, for the sorrows of our losses, for the hurting of our mother Earth… and in celebration of life, joy, fun, humour and what’s good in life.
Know all this always, especially when you’re praying, meditating on the 25th of this Christmas Day, and of each month. Celebrate with him and know, that HE FEELS YOU AND VIBES WITH YOU! Wherever he is, I’m sure he knows, and God/ Universe knows and listens too. Your heart and soul makes a difference—Michael’s did, didn’t it? You have the same kind of heart and soul, NO LESS IMPORTANT!
I’m forever grateful for Michael, and for YOU ALL, because now I know I’m not alone! THANK YOU, FOR ALL OF YOU!!! Michael sang it to us: “You’re not alone, I am here with you, though we’re far apart, you’re always in my heart…” And: “You and I must make a pact
we must bring salvation back, where there is love I'll be there. I'll reach out my hand to you, I'll have faith in all you do, just call my name and I'll be there…” And you know that when he sang it to us, be that at age of 5 or at age of 11 or at age of over 20, 30, 40… he ALWAYS MEANT IT… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUl4PRwtA3c He only sang and spoke what he felt was true.

Anonymous said...

United in his name we can invoke and help bring about all that he held dear in his heart and soul, and ALL THAT will ultimately heal me, heal you, heal us all and heal this world. Listen to his lyrics and hear beyond what the words say. “Stranger in Moscow” means more than that: it’s about being stranger in this world; “Man in the Mirror” is about you and I looking at ourselves………… Keep looking, keep reading below and above the lyrics in Michael’s songs, sing with him, dance wild, feel every nuance of his expression, tune into his creations with every part of you, your intuition for what Michael was really communicating! Nevermind your race, creed, status… if you feel him, he’s yours, he’s there for you! Be angry, because they don’t really care about us, but come back and heal the earth, make a better place for you, and for me…
Michael wanted to adopt two children, male and female, from each continent. I believe that we all are his adopted children, relatives, brothers and sisters. He has an eternal family in all of us. Yaaahhh!!! Love you all, ‘cause MJ loved me more!!!

PS: If I were to choose only one clip to send Michael to show him that we, on earth, truly feel him and care, to make him get it that he’s the King forever, in the depth of our human selves, from the cradle to the world beyond, it would be this one: from the youngest of his fans that says it ALL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtRA4e98zug
And to all of you, here’s a clip to show, “how one song can change your life,” or in other words, just as Michael Jackson as one man changed our lives, there are artists, young and old, who will carry MJ’s torch, and even YOU AND I can do it, hear me??? In our own ways, small or big… JUST BE YOURSELF, TRY YOUR BEST, LIKE MJ SHOWED US IS POSSIBLE, IN GOOD TIMES AND BAD, IN WHATEVER YOU DO, WHOEVER YOU ARE… just like this kid… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXdOL-RhhMs
Happy Holidays to you all! Michael loved us all more, and the most, so let’s love each other as much as we can to show what love is and does!!! And write and speak everywhere, so I/we can know about each other, and to let Mike know he did good!!!!!!

Katnip from TO, Canada

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