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Study: 'Heal the World' Lyrics Make a Difference

Can just hearing music about global love be a first step to changing the world?

A new study by the University of Sussex in England has shown that listening to music with positive ("pro-social") lyrics can actually affect how likely we are to help others. Experiments involving groups of students demonstrated that those who'd listened to positive music were consistently more likely to act positively when researchers 'accidentally' knocked over a container of pencils:

"On average, those who had heard songs such as Michael Jackson's Heal the World responded more quickly and picked up almost five times as many pencils as those in the other [neutral lyrics] group."
The study was published two months ago in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. You can read press articles referring to it at the links below. (Thank you, Michael, for your wonderful music! You continue to change the world in a million different ways. And we'll keep spreading the L♥VE!)

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Anonymous said...

So imagine what a worldwide prayer involving thousands of people thinking and feeling LOVE can do?? :) Like Michael said: CHANGE THE WORLD!

Anonymous said...

Hello every one this is so wonderful. Thank you for making this possible. Thank you Michael for showing us so much love. We have to spread this love. Take care for eachother. And give love wherever whe can. Thank i'm laughing and crying at the same time. I love you all.
Chantale from the Netherlands

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