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Get ready for the LOVE! (May 25th Prayer)

Hello to our fellow ♥ LOVEWORKERS ♥ ! Tomorrow, May 25th at 2pm Los Angeles time is the next Major Love Prayer, to send love, peace and healing to the world! This will be the ninth time people all across the planet have joined together to send out a MAJOR LOVE, the monthly prayer/meditation/intention that started last September. In this time so many of you have supported and contributed to it, not just by participating, but also by exchanging links, telling your friends, translating instructions into 14 different languages and more. THANK YOU SO MUCH. It can't happen without you... without us as a group. And this is something we can ALL do together, every month as ONE, no matter where in the world we are or what opinions we may differ on. There may have been some squabbling among MJ fans these past eleven painful and difficult months, but we can put all these differences aside when we come together for our common purpose: LOVE. We are all connected by it and through it. We are never alone. It is through the UNITY of LOVE that we send Michael's message across the globe, that we feel it, breathe it, make it our own and heal the world and all its children. "Love is the most important thing in the world. ... It's all for love. L-O-V-E."

In order to be in synch all around the globe, please double-check the correct time for your location on the May 25th Time Zone Chart. For the simple prayer instructions, see the Guide to Monthly Prayer (or choose your language in the "Instructions" menu at the top of the page). For some suggestions on how to bring in and awaken the feeling of LOVE at the beginning of the prayer, see How to Feel the Love (and watch the 'MJ 2-Minute Love Tune-up' video in the sidebar). For those not comfortable with the word "prayer", please don't let that put you off joining us. It can be as religious or non-religious as you choose. There is a lot of research being done into consciousness and the effect of concentrated thought and emotion, so one can approach this from a more scientific belief system as well. When we focus on VOTEcompassion and love, we awaken it within ourselves and form a basis for action in the world. We are working to make a change. Thank you, Michael, for your love and inspiration. You are in our hearts for all time. ♥


Adding something: Once we connect and are growing the love across the planet, let's direct an extra special wave of it for the children, to heal the world's children, protect them and help them feel LOVED. They need it from us all. ♥

Update: Today, May 25th, is also International Missing Children's Day. Please, let's send some extra LOVE ~ ` ` This is for all the lost children.

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BeGodsGlow said...

Don't forget, you can DISCUSS THIS PRAYER in the MLP forum :)


Unknown said...

I keep forgetting to do this.

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