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Next Global Prayer is Sunday, July 25th

Hello everyone ♥ We hope you're all doing well! This is just a reminder that next Sunday, 25. July, 2010, is Major Love Prayer. We're sending out a major love worldwide at exactly 2pm L.A. time, synchronized as ONE across the planet, on every continent, through every time zone, all cultures, all religions and spiritual beliefs, all colors, young and old, male and female, everyone united in spirit with a common goal: to heal the world with L.O.V.E.!

You can learn more in the Prayer Instructions, which are now available in 15 languages. (The newest translation is Swedish/Svensk. Thank you so much, Christel!) Please keep spreading the word on Twitter, Facebook and MJ forums and don't forget to set a reminder or alarm so we're all joining the global wave of love at the same moment. Time chart below:

If you're on Facebook, please RSVP to the July Major Love Prayer event too!

July 25, 2010 (Sunday)
11:00 / 11am - Honolulu
13:00 / 1pm - Anchorage
14:00 / 2pm - (US PDT) Los Angeles, Vancouver, Seattle, Phoenix
15:00 / 3pm - (US MDT) Denver, Edmonton, Guatemala, Managua
16:00 / 4pm - (US CDT) Chicago, New Orleans, Mexico City, Winnipeg, Lima, Kingston, Bogota, (Caracas 16:30)
17:00 / 5pm - (US EDT) New York, Atlanta, Toronto, Havana, Santiago, Santo Domingo, San Juan, Asuncion
18:00 / 6pm - Halifax, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro (St. John's 18:30)
21:00 / 9pm - (UT/GMT) Reykjavik
22:00 / 10pm - (BST) London, Dublin, Lisbon, Lagos, Algiers, Casablanca
23:00 / 11pm - (CEST) Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Copenhagen, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw, Cairo, Zagreb, Cape Town

July 26, 2010 (Monday)
00:00 / midnight - Helsinki, Bucharest, Athens, Minsk, Istanbul, Khartoum, Ankara, Jerusalem, Nairobi, Baghdad, Riyadh
01:00 / 1am - Moscow, Dubai, (Tehran 01:30), (Kabul 01:30)
02:00 / 2am - Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, (Mumbai 02:30), (New Delhi 02:30), (Kolkata 02:30), (Kathmandu 02:45)
03:00 / 3am - Almaty, Dhaka, (Yangon 03:30)
04:00 / 4am - Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta,
05:00 / 5am - Hong Kong, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Perth, Manila, Taipei
06:00 / 6am - Tokyo, Seoul, (Darwin 06:30), (Adelaide 06:30)
07:00 / 7am - (AU EST) Melbourne, Sydney
08:00 / 8am - Vladivostok,
09:00 / 9am - Auckland, Kamchatka, Anadyr, Suva, (Chatham Islands 09:45)
11:00 / 11am - Kiritimati

For more times, see the chart for July 25th on timeanddate.com

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One of Michael Jackson's millions of fans said...

I'll be there with all of you again.

It is always precious to me to know that for some minutes we will be having a joined mind. We are one despite time and space.

For love. And giving it.

What a great thing this is although it is invisible.

Thank you very much.
I think I cannot stop praying lovingly on each following 25th of the month.

That's the way it is from now on.

With love,
One of Michael Jackson's million of fans

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