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We're Sending Out a Major Love!

Today's the day, July 25th! We're sending out a major love in less than an hour! That's 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern / 10pm in the UK / 23:00 CEST / 01:00 Moscow Let's harmonize all around the world! L.O.V.E. ~ ` (See Prayer Instructions)

Thank you to everyone who participated and to all who keep spreading the L.O.V.E.! The next MLP is August 25th :) Remember, "there's nothing that can't be done if we raise our voice as ONE!" (-Michael Jackson, 'We've Had Enough')

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anaamamj58 said...

My prayers this evening were particularly special as I held in my thoughts so many new and wonderful friends whom I have had the privilige to "meet" over the past few months. Michael, I am certain, is orchestrating these friendships from on high. Michael, after all wanted the world to come together as one in love, and that is surely what is happening now. Together we will change the world before it is too late, as Michael said: "It's up to us" L.O.V.E.

Meg said...

anaamamj58 said it so eloquently.To that I would add that I am praying that MJ's name be uncovered at the school he attended and to which he donated money. The auditorium was dedicated to him; in 2003 they covered his name and refuse to uncover it. For more info, see:

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