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♥ He Is Still Here ♥

The beautiful poem below was recently sent to us by Amber, who has been inspired by Michael to write more since reading his book 'Dancing the Dream'. She wishes to share this piece with fans around the world. Thank you very much. And please let everyone feel this message: you are not alone!

michael jackson angel"He Is Still Here"

Everytime I close my eyes
I can feel his spirit
Enshrined within my own

Igniting with a spark
At the core of my heart
The heat rapidly spreads
throughout my mind, body, & soul

He is still here
Do you believe me?
Every song I hear
I feel him near
Every emotion that flows
Slows the pace of my blood cells
In a perfectly fluid motion

The vibrations of his sensations
Envelopes my soul
With the thrill of exhilaration
to a period of melancholy
Raising my voice
to correct injustice
Lifting my fist in victory

I shed my tears of despair
for a little romance.

To not think twice
to stretch out my hand
to help the weak.
And smile for the hope
of a better tomorrow

From his beautiful soul
He sends his love form afar
The warmth entwines with my own
My feet losing contact with the ground
I am now soaring through the clouds
Together we are one

He is still here
Do you believe me now?
Do not despair my brothers & sisters
He lives in me & you
Just close your eyes
Can you feel him now?

~ Poem copyright © July 15, 2010 by Amber Parrish


One of Michael Jackson's millions of fans said...

Beautiful poem, Amber.

And it's not just a poem.

It's true and the truth.

Michael is still here with us.

Around us though we can only feel him.

But he's a strong source of energy.

He touches us easily.

As he did before.

It's the truth.

He's around us.

Whether we feel him or not.

Whether you want to be open for him on that level or chose to doubt everything because you learnt so.

It doesn't matter.

He's strong!

He'll get to you when you dream, when you wake up before being completely awake, when you daydream of nothing in particular ... he'll find his way to touch you and your heart and say thank you and care for you.

He could not not care.
He always did.

He and his beautiful soul.

Thank you, Michael.

One of Michael Jackson's millions of fans

Anonymous said...

Amber, you have a gift. This gave me shivers, it's so beautiful and it expresses what I've been feeling, how Michael has transformed so many of us. It's true, he is in every one of us.
Thank you.

protectiveangel said...

Amber,thank you for this poem!
It pours out all the feelings I have inside me for him.
I love it!

San said...

Beautiful poem.... Thank you so much...
Yes. I can feel it... He's here with us...

wednesday55 said...

I feel the same way. Thank you so much, Amber, for writing this.

Anonymous said...

I was there like every month and I still feel something very deep during the Love Prayer. And every time I do the Love Prayer I break out in tears - but it cleans my heart and soul from the pain that still exist after over one year... And I guess it will NEVER stop... :..-(

Thank you Michael for still beeing here with us, I love you so much...

Sabine, Germany

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