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Don't forget - Sept 25th MLP is *today!* Saturday

On Saturday at 2pm L.A. time (please see the time chart for the correct time in your location) we are again joining across the planet to send out a major love! This is a simultaneous worldwide event, a tremendous global wave of L-O-V-E on the 25th of every month, intended to heal the world and all its children (including me and you).

And this September marks the one year anniversary of the very first MLP! It began in September of 2009 on a major Michael Jackson forum among fans who wanted to make a change with love, and to honor Michael's memory. By the next month the word had spread to other forums and many more of us joined in. In November this website was created to unite everyone in this common purpose, in one place. We now have how-to instructions available in 19 languages (the latest addition is Croatian - thanks, Karmen!) and people meeting monthly all over the internet, in every language, every country, on forums, on Facebook, in social networking groups and more.

THANK YOU to each and every one of you who are keeping this alive, translating, contributing, reminding your friends and doing all the amazing things you you do for love and for Michael's legacy of love. This collective prayer only exists when we all take this moment each month to feel the love and join in the truth of oneness, sending it out through time and space to heal our world and 'bring salvation back'. Call it a prayer, a meditation, an affirmation, a spiritual connection or whatever you wish. It's real and we can all feel it. We are one in love and consciousness, and we continue this work as Soldiers of Love, changing the planet one heart at a time. Thank you all so much, and 'see' you on Saturday. "Let's harmonize all around the world!" :) ♥

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Just another fan said...

Since I first heard about MLP in October 2009 I never missed one prayer. And don't want to go without one for the rest of my life.

I love you!

Manouche Éléonore said...

I was looking for a way to reach others in my lonely prayers...when I discovered MLP 4 months ago...I am so happy to join you and I hope that with time I will convince all my family and friends to be a part of this movement of L.O.V.E.
And for ever I will be there on the 25th and I want to make it bigger and bigger .Listening to MJ music,dancing,singing,praying for more than one hour...I try to be in a special mood all day long...and it brings me joy.My sister isn't a fan of MJ and she participate because she find that LMP is just a wonderful way to bring peace on earth...Thanks a lot for those who made this happen...I LOVE YOU XXX

Anonymous said...

Im so glad to share my lonely prayers with some other fan's Michael.
We love you my dear

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