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'Words and Violence' Curriculum

Important steps are being taken in the world, to make a change in Michael's name. One of these is a new education program about the effect of words in and on our society.

Barbara Kaufmann of Inner Michael has been instrumental in the creation of the Voices Education Project's new curriculum entitled 'Words and Violence'. The aim is to help students (and all of us) understand the incredible power of words and the responsibility we have when wielding such power. The curriculum materials contain inspiring and thought-provoking case studies, poems, quotes and research on media and how words are used for good or used to damage and destroy lives. Michael Jackson was unfortunately a common target of bullying via words, with slander, lies, name-calling and gossip flung at him left and right by an irresponsible and downright vicious media. They're not "just" words. Words hurt. Words can kill. They can uplift us and speak the truth or they can instill us with fear and falsehoods. And in the end it is up to us, the readers and consumers, to determine which route we choose to take, what we deem acceptable. The curriculum seeks to educate young people from middle school to college age about the dangers of the misuse of words in journalism and our daily lives. It also sets the record straight with the truth about Michael and seeks to awaken a new generation of journalists to a return of integrity and honesty. 'Words and Violence' is dedicated to the memory of Michael Jackson and Lady Diana Spencer, who both worked in the service of humanity. We encourage everyone to check it out, and also Barbara's blog, for more information on this topic. Thanks, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I hope all the MJ family will go to Voices and read this wonderful material. And, most important, please tell everyone you know -- your teachers and instructors and any other friends and acquaintences in education fields --so that this amazing curriculum will find its way to classrooms. What a wonderful tribute to Michael to have the truth inspire young lives. Love and Peace everyone. Sue.

Char said...

This is a tremendous opportunity for all of us to do something toward making the world a better place - for the future generations and the overall good of humanity. We must educate our young people about the importance of words and how we treat others either directly or indirectly through the use of our words! It's so much more important than we realize. When we use words carelessly, we cause permanent harm, and when we speak with care and respect toward others, we add to the light and goodness in the world. This project would be something Michael would whole-heartedly endorse, I have no doubt, because he lived his life treating others with nothing but kindness and respect. Let's get behind this project by passing the word throughout our own communities and schools, as well as passing it around among our friends. The work has already been done for us - the curriculum is free of charge and available on the internet for anyone who wants to use any part of it. Our jobs of informing others of its existence and availability is the easy part! Let's do it!!

With Love,
~ Charlene

Anonymous said...

Dear friends, I am totally agree about what you two guys, said. "Words and Violence" is a great opportunity to open our heart and make this planet a better place as Michael always wished. Barbara Kaufmann is a beautiful leader to help us to do it.

I am mexican, and I am little afraid because my english but this will be my next goal. Being part of this amazing proyect: Learn to think, to feel, to speak in a properly, humanitarian and ovely way to myself and others.

Michael I L.O.V.E you more!!
Bless you all!!

Myrna Ramos

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