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MLP is Today, May 25 - The planets are linin' up!

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Today is May 25th, and we're sending out a MAJOR LOVE! At the same time all across the planet we will unite our hearts and energies to visualize a better world, one healed with the power of love. Please join us all to make a change, starting within, with love. Thank you!

Major Love Prayer happens every month on the 25th at 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern / 10pm London time / 23:00 CET. For more times, see the Worldwide Time Chart. Instructions/how-to-guides are also available in 19 languages.

* Please say a prayer for the victims of the tornado outbreak across the midwest U.S. this week. 3-year-old Ryan Hamil is missing in Piedmont, OK after a tornado hit his house, just miles from one of our MLP-family's home. We pray that everyone is found safe and healthy. Another prayer request from our MLP-fam is for J.'s father, who's in intensive care. May angels be at everyone's side.

Thank you to Brenda in the Call for Love group on Facebook for the following lovely words of truth: Today is May 25, and the day for the worldwide Major Love Prayer at 2:00PM Pacific Time. It is a good day to remember that You're Just Another Part of Me. This is the basis of compassion. If we remember that we are not separate, that we each can not move forward without bringing all of our sisters and brothers along with us, compassion becomes a natural way of being. Michael knew this and shared this message with us in this song and so many others. Let's honor him by showing him that we understand.

"We're sendin' out a major love, And this is our message to you, The planets are linin' up, We're bringin' brighter days, They're all in line, waitin' for you, Can't you see . . .? You're just another part of me . ." (~ lyrics by Michael Jackson)

And a shout-out to MJ Communities in Second Life, who will be joining us at 2pm SLT :)!

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Elmira said...

Compassion is also the basis on which the MLP was founded and with which we meet-up on this special day. Once you've heard your name called out by Michael as Another Part of Me, you simply cannot ignore that message.
My prayers are for families struck by tornadoes in the midwest of the USA and anyone else who needs a prayer of love and compassion to heal, be found, to let go, to know that he/she is not alone. Can't wait for MLP time, makes the 25th so special! Love to the MJ-family!

BeGodsGlow said...

Thank you, Elmira. ♥

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