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My Best of Joy (by Kayla)

My Best Of Joy ... I love you now, I loved you then, I'll love you forever even when time comes to an end....you are forever and through our hearts your love is forever lasting. You are the sun, the stars, the moon, you came and gone and left too soon. I remember your presence so vividly, the magic you shared with the world, the dance, the music, the wonder, the gift you had withheld. You were the brightest star, you changed the world, you gave to others even after all you endured. Love was your message so true and deep, you never gave up hope no matter how high the leap. You gave us hope, you gave us strength, you changed our lives for the better from the music you sang. The heartache you endured, I'm so sensitive to your pain, I feel what you felt to which can never be explained. The world was so cruel and could not understand, the innocence you carried was far from this land. The rare gem that you are is far more beautiful than the brightest star. You were gods gift to the world, one so pure and true, the magical light that shines through your heart is forever beneath me and you. Angels do exist, its true I knew, for you were the one who lighted the world and
touched the hearts of more than a few. You are irreplaceable, one so special and out of this world, I'm so thankful to have known you since I was just a little girl. You are my hero one who stood tall and strong, you never gave up once even through all the wrong. The story of your life the messages through your music....you shared your heart through your deepest wisdom's. To never give up and keep the faith, to heal the world, just to make that change. You brought people together on all walks of the world, this unity we all share forever is beyond anything I can hope and dream of and more. You made my world okay you showed me the way, you are forever and within my heart you will always stay. You loved us more, we love you MOST and even though we are physically far apart you will always remain close. We are forever and forever never ends soon i know we will all meet again.

I love you Michael, for you are my Best of Joy
L.O.V.E Always and Forever, Kayla S.


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