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Monument for Michael in Mistelbach, Austria ~ LIVE STREAM 18:00 CET (9am PT)

Saturday, May 11 at 18:00 CET ~ The monument to Michael Jackson in Landesbahnpark in Mistelbach, Austria will officially be installed! This will be a big event with Vienna radio, live feed, performers & more!

You can watch the LIVE STREAM on Saturday at 18:00 CET (5pm in the UK - 9am Pacific - noon Eastern) at Denkmal4Michael (click on "BITTE HIER ANMELDEN" to enter the streaming site)

"Major Love Prayer and Friends Worldwide"!!! ~ Some of our dear friends came together to contribute to this statue in honor of Michael, in the name of Major Love Prayer and all of you from around the world! Thank you so much (you know who you are)! May Michael's GENIUS, LOVE & LIGHT continue to shine for generations to come! ~ the MLP Team -- Photo from Denkmal4Michael

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