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Shining the Light Brighter for Michael

In light of recent events, we have added some additional words to the daily trial prayer. We are asking that you also visualize the intense white LIGHT that we are filling the courthouse with vividly surrounding MICHAEL and HIS NAME (representing his LEGACY and reputation in this world). Let that Light outshine any negativity, clearing it, healing it and letting 'God walk in' to create a bright future for all! The full visualization is written in the Special Prayer Post and is also available with a photo you can share/tag on our Facebook page. Put simply, we are joining daily (see schedule below) along with friends in other prayer groups on Twitter to focus on filling the courthouse with LOVE & the LIGHT OF TRUTH! (Note: this is likely the same building where Wade Robson's hearing is scheduled in early June.) We are then showering protective ANGEL feathers around those we wish to blanket with protection.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 
11am PT - 2pm ET - 7pm UK - 20:00 CET
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 
9am PT - noon ET - 5pm UK - 18:00 CET

Update: In August we have decided to go back to our original 9am time as it is less confusing:

Monday through Saturday
9am PT - noon ET - 5pm UK - 18:00 CET

 Dear Ones, If we do really do this, really put our HEARTS and our SOULS into this, it reinforces it, makes it REAL, protects those we love. There's nothing that can't be done when we join together as ONE! With all the LOVE, the LIGHT of TRUTH, the angel feathers of protection... it's all for the highest good, for all that's right ... Each time we do this it is stronger... the vision stays clearer... our ONENESS shines brighter... the LIGHT stays in place...and it is so! For Michael, his legacy, his children, the world. THANK YOU so much for joining us!  Please share, remind everyone, tweet, whatever you can do ...we will continue every day! ~ Thank you! ♥

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Kerry Hennigan said...

We MUST do this. For Michael, his children and his legacy. It's not up to us to make any decisions, just to pray for a happy resolution to the trial situation and these other claims against Michael's estate, and for his LEGACY OF LOVE and humanitarian message to grow in strength everywhere in the world where people hear his music, know his name, and recognise his genius.

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