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As the verdict is about to be read...

✦Happening Now✦ The last #PowerPrayer4MJ of the AEG trial. We send our LOVE and healing, well-wishes to surround Katherine, Prince, Paris & Blanket in comfort and support. We ask that an aura of calm descend upon the courthouse and our hearts. Whatever happens, let us remember that we are ONE global family, united by LOVE, by Michael. Let us always represent him in PEACE, RESPECT & DIGNITY. Source/God, thank you that we have been blessed to have shared this world with Michael and each other. Help us to BE GOD'S GLOW, to show empathy, forgiveness and compassion to all the world on our path of LOVE. Help us hold together, heal the planet and all children of the world. With Gratitude, and the Faith that things really will be alright, AMEN ♥


Anonymous said...

Michael would not have wanted us to be angry. He was a very forgiving person with a heart of gold that took every kind of abuse in stride. He is free of the chains that bound him in this world, and his family has still the bounty of what he created and left, which can never be taken away. To continue to pray to surround them with love is still needed, as his children have a long way to go in life, during which they may still face people taunting them, just as their father faced it, himself. So, focusing in on the family, continuing to pray for them and for all families, particularly families that are in crisis for any reason, is worthwhile. Families are the backbone of the world, and the world is a family (also in crisis, per the news daily). Keep on praying and we will pray our way into at least an internal peace of knowing that true peace will exist eventually.

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