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"We'll never part, Our love is from the heart..." #ComeTogether4MJ

Dear friends ~ We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for keeping the message of LOVE in your hearts, even in difficult times. External forces may seem to push and pull our global family and at times throw us off balance, but in that calm peace that is the soul we know that we are ONE. Our prayers together these past five months have hopefully served in part as a reminder of this truth.

As the AEG trial is now over, we are going to move forward with a new chapter of the COME TOGETHER intention campaign that began last year in conjunction with many other fan groups. Details will be announced soon! In the meantime, if you can, we are still joining at 9amPT on weekdays (with the new Twitter hashtag #ComeTogether4MJ) to surround Michael, his legacy, his children and his mother with protection and loving support.

Thank you SO much for all you do for Michael's legacy. Bless you and much LOVE, ~ the MLP team www.majorloveprayer.org

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Anonymous said...

My heart is broken, but we must go on and be there for Michael's family and children. Let's enjoy his music and legacy, remember
his humanitarian deeds, and follow in his footsteps to make the world a better place. R.I.P. Michael...

Kerry Hennigan said...

Regardless of the outcome of the civil trial (I didn't support it to begin with) I think the continuation of prayer will ALWAYS be a good intention. So many of us already place Michael and his loved ones in our prayers anyway, and to have a group focus just magnifies it. We really believe that we must keep our focus on the positive, i.e. on furthering Michael's legacy through love and charitable deeds and our enjoyment of his art. We could spend all our time as fans lamenting the damage done to his reputation by others, and trying to combat it, but I firmly believe that once we have posted our vindication of Michael (respectfully, hopefully) we return to focusing on sharing all that we love and appreciate about Michael with those within our sphere of influence. If people see we have no doubts about him, and continue to love and celebrate him, perhaps they will be less likely to believe the rubbish they read/see/hear about him. I remain hopeful!

Anonymous said...

Additonally, the rubbish that is printed about Michael and the rubbish that is still discussed on the radio, etc., cannot hurt him now. However, it is his children who bear the brunt of this shame. He would want them protected, and as we pray and stand firm for his legacy and kids, hopefully there will be some positive outcome for them and the eventual settling down of the bad press that has plagued MJ for decades, even until after his death (4 years and counting).

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