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Gratitude, Love and Blessings to our worldwide #MJFam ~ Another beautiful #MajorLovePrayer this October 25th

Thank you! This monthly prayer is only as powerful as our group focus and commitment to it, so thanks immensely to each of you who remember and keep this global wave of love alive and flowing each month! Thank you to Michael... and all ... from the center of us all where we each are LOVE ... from our hearts to all others, in Gratitude, Love and Healing throughout the world... May we carry this MAJOR LOVE forward each day, letting it shine ever brighter in everything we do. ♥ Blessings and LOVE to our worldwide MJ-family! ~ the MLP team 

Tomorrow is another day when we shall continue with the #ComeTogether4MJ Intention Campaign to protect Michael's legacy, his children and heal ALL the world's children. Please join us in this focus daily and we'll see you again next month for another Major Love Prayer on November 25th! Much Love...!   ♥ 

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Kerry Hennigan said...

"global wave of love" is a beautiful way to describe it. We MUST keep this up - not only for Michael's sake, but for his children and his legacy, and ourselves and the planet. Much love.

Anonymous said...

And so much love is truly needed in the world, as the world is filled with trials, tribulations, and strife. We need to continue to pray as a unified force and exude through our individual actions the example that we know of love. Continuing this will help us help ourselves, and it will also help the world, even if it is only in a small way at a time. Every little bit must count for something.

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