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TODAY! ♥ At 2pmPT We're Sending Out a MAJOR LOVE! Pls spread the word! #MajorLovePrayer

Today is the 25th! And that means we're just hours away from the global wave of transforming LOVE that is #MajorLovePrayer! ♥ Will you be there today? :)

This will be the 50th monthly MLP (!), and we'd love it if EVERYONE in the MJ fan community could participate! There is no prerequisite to join this worldwide prayer/meditation ... it is for EVERYONE, all beliefs, all nations... all focused together AT THE SAME MOMENT (2pmPT / 5pmET / 10pm London / 23:00 UK see time chart) ... our minds, hearts and souls asking for, visualizing and co-creating a world that is HEALED, PEACEFUL and glowing in MAJOR LOVE! This is our chance each month to COME TOGETHER AS ONE to change the world from the inside out, to complement all the beautiful things the fan community is doing otherwise. Let us UNITE and have some FAITH and just GIVE LOVE to the WORLD ~ ` ` ♥ Thank you and see you in a few hours!

Please note that some places (like Australia) have CHANGED THEIR CLOCKS already for spring/fall, so be sure to check the time zone chart for today's MajorLovePrayer! October 25th's prayer is TODAY@ 2:00pm LA. • 5:00pm NYC • 7:00pm Rio de Janeiro • 21:00 Reykjavik • 22:00 London • 23:00 CET • 00:00 Bucharest • 01:00 Moscow • 02:30 Mumbai • 04:00 Bangkok • 05:00 HongKong • 06:00 Seoul • 8am Melbourne • 10amAuckland ...see more at link: http://timeanddate.com/s/2gk8

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, BeGodsGlow, and sorry I am so late in posting. This month was an exceptional 25th, as for me, I was dealing with the loss of two of my uncles from various conditions. So, it still is important to pray and focus with the world in an all-out unity effort. The world is definitely in a constant state of problems, much like individuals can be. So, as individuals, it is an honor to pray for the world in this manner, through your site and the awareness that is generated through it. Continuing this site is continuing the effort and the prayers and the love with hope for the world to be eventually healed. It probably won't be on our time or directly because of any one prayer, but it is the culmination of the sum total of intentions, combined with a merciful God (however one understands him/her to be), or even if one is without that kind of belief, there is still the belief in humanity. So, together, working as a team, it is important to continue to follow through on these intentions in the face of adversity in the world. It is still our world to work on. BeGodsGlow in it (as you are) and we can be the light of the world by being beacons of hope and love and prayer/intention. Continuing in honor and memory of Michael and for all he still stands for, even now.

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