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Attention all MJ fans! January 25th we're sending out a Major Love! #MajorLovePrayer is this SATURDAY!

Dear #MJfam worldwide! ♡ ~ It's almost time again to join together, all continents, all nations, to SEND OUT A MAJOR LOVE IN HONOR OF MICHAEL JACKSON! The next Major Love Prayer is *THIS SATURDAY* at exactly 2:00pm PST (5pm Eastern / 22:00 GMT / 23:00 CET) and we hope so much that you can join us!

We have been connecting globally every 25th for over four years now, with the aim of filling the world with LOVE and HEALING it with the spirit of UNITY, PEACE, FORGIVENESS and COMPASSION. With our intense focus at the same moment in every country around the world, we believe we can make a change from the inside out, starting with the soul, from the most basic essence of life. From there let this LOVE grow throughout the world!

If you haven't joined Major Love Prayer before, it's very simple to take part! At the appointed time (see time chart at www.majorloveprayer.org) just relax and focus your heart on LOVE, by feeling as much LOVE as you can, for whomever you can feel it. Love them, love them, love them! Feel this LOVING vibration in your soul and then let it EXPAND outward from your heart. Reach out your hand in your mind's eye to your neighbors and all of us around the world doing the same at this moment. We are ONE in LOVE! Take our hands in spirit and visualize us connecting across prairies and oceans and forests, on every continent. Now SEND out this MAJOR LOVE.... see it expanding, feel it growing, it's moving out from you and each of us, filling in all the spaces in between until THE WHOLE WORLD GLOWS IN HEALING LOVE! Love it... love everyone... forgive them so that they may forgive, hold their hands so that they may be part of this, wish them well so that they are healed, feel the peace that comes from experiencing the world as it should be AND WILL BE. Let's make it so! See the children being loved and cared for, happy and healed, all people, all animals, all living things, our planet and everyone here. Send your LOVE and HOPE to them ALL and your GRATITUDE for all those you love, for Michael, for all the children of the world! Hold this feeling and this vision as long as you can... a few minutes, 10, 20. Even a moment is something and totally worthwhile! Then send a beautiful THANK YOU to everyone who has joined you today and let the glow of this MAJOR LOVE accompany you wherever you go!

Thank you all SO MUCH for all you do to keep Michael's legacy of LOVE alive in your hearts and to spread it around the world! See you this and every 25th! It would be wonderful if you could HELP SPREAD THE WORD, too, so ALL fans across the world know and can take part! Thank you! ~ With Love, the MLP Team

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For info in 19 languages, time charts, etc, see www.majorloveprayer.org

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Kerry Hennigan said...

Sharing, and loving... always.

BeGodsGlow said...

Thank you, Kerry! ♡♡♡

BeGodsGlow said...

♡♡♡ Are you ready to send out some MAJOR LOVE?! Just three hours to go now until the GLOBAL PRAYER/MEDITATION! ♡ Please remind your friends and forums and be ready to HEAL THE WORLD with LOVE in honor of Michael at 2:00pm PST / 5:00pm EST / 22:00 GMT / 23:00 CET / 02:00 Moscow / 06:00 Beijing / 09:00 Sydney www.majorloveprayer.org ~ continuing Michael's message of LOVE ♡♡♡

Anonymous said...


Nina Hamilton said...

I feel so excited because today is 25th January, Major Love PrayerDay, and today, the two opposing sides in the Syrian conflict are meeting to talk face to face! The Ukrainean president has offered the job of Prime Minister to the top opposition leader! And Egypt are celebrating the third anniversary of their revolution! A photographer captured a young boy peeping out from behind a reporter in Syria to make the familiar 'V' for peace and victory sign! Something is happening. Love and prayers are working!

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