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Thank you, and see you again on February 25th! #MajorLovePrayer

THANK YOU for joining us in today's global prayer/meditation. As we close this month's prayer, we ask that Prince, Paris & Blanket are protected and wrapped in love and support. We ask that Michael's name, reputation and legacy shine brighter with each day, forever protected by the light of love, truth and integrity. Source/God, give us the strength and wisdom to represent Michael with dignity and love and continue his mission with joy for all our days. Thank you all SO much for all you do to keep the LOVE and the TRUTH alive for Michael & his children, and all the children of the world. May we walk in UNITY, beautiful ones. See you again next month on February 25th & daily for #ComeTogether4MJ. Much love, MLP Team

Thank you, Michael.♥ 

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Kerry Hennigan said...

Amen! What a beautiful prayer of thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Something happened right during the prayer time that I need to share with you. My cat that I have had for the last 16 years and I were at the veterinarian's office (2PM PST). As we were there, I agreed to have her euthanized because she has been suffering from what we think is cancer. She had gotten much worse. I signed the form for euthanasia, and sat alone in the room while the veterinarian and others prepared the cat to be put to sleep. As I waited, I prayed that God's will be done for the cat. I cited many people, things, and incidents, things I have done over the course of my life that I am sorry for, and hoped that God would be there. Then, the door opened, and the veterinarian came into the room. She said, "We Can't euthanize your cat. The cat won't let us." Apparently, Cafe started fighting and tensing up her arms, so they couldn't get the needle in to start the process. I took my cat back home with some new medication for inflammation. She has begun to eat one whole can of tuna fish each day (this is the only food she can tolerate). She is stronger, but, of course, still old and sick. However, I have more time with her. God's will was done, and I know now that God is really up there (my belief of the location of God). He intervened and His will was actually done, and it was for Cafe and me to have more time together and make this an easier exit with more prayer and love. Thank you for being my friends. -Wendy

Anonymous said...

My cat did pass away on February 20, rendering 25 extra days spent with her. I am forever grateful for that extra time. Rest in peace, Cafe Au Lait.

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