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Reminder: This SUNDAY is #MajorLovePrayer, May 25th!

We hope you will join us this SUNDAY, May 25th to send out a MAJOR LOVE! Major Love Prayer is a monthly global prayer/meditation in honor of Michael Jackson, and has happened every 25th since autumn 2009. Our goal is to heal the world, all #MJfam together in LOVE and UNITY, our hearts and minds focused as ONE at the same moment on every continent. It's easy to join, and EVERYONE is invited!

At 2:00pm PDT / 5:00pm EDT / 10:00 UK / 23:00 CEST (see time chart for your location) we unite across the planet with our hearts and minds at the same moment to send LOVE, PEACE and HEALING to all the world. We begin by focusing in LOVE, then visualize connecting to each other across oceans and continents, then expand this in a wave of MAJOR LOVE that fills all the spaces in between, filling the entire Earth with this powerful prayer/wish/affirmation.

See www.majorloveprayer.org for global time charts and info in 19 languages.

Thank you and much LOVE!
See you this Sunday! ~ the MLP Team

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Anonymous said...

Will be with you in prayer at 2 PDT
Thank you for the opportunity to pray with you.
Love and Peace.

Anonymous said...

I love you so much Michael!!
Forever you will be in my heart!!
Tampa, Florida USA

Riogirl77 said...

sending out all my love and wishes for peace and joy to the world and all its people <3

Nettie uk said...

Be Blessed....thankyou for your love which flows with healing for the planet.

BeGodsGlow said...

Thank you all for being there with love for the world every month. It's so very beautiful. We'll see you again next month, on June 25th. We'll all be together, for each other and Michael's legacy, with strength in love. Many blessings, much love and comfort awe head into June. Thank you. Wet live you so much, global MJfam and Michael! ❤ -bgg of MLP team

Kerry Hennigan said...

Have to admit that this morning's early time (Monday in Adelaide, Australia) took me by surprise and I missed the synchronized prayer... so I'm gonna try and program a monthly alarm into my phone - using an appropriate ring tone, of course!

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