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June 13th ~ Thank you, Mr Mesereau ♥ #ComeTogether4MJ

THANK YOU, Mr. Mesereau. ♥ We can never thank you, Susan Yu and your whole legal team enough for helping the jury see the TRUTH, for saving the life of an INNOCENT man whom we love with all our hearts. Bless you always. And bless the fans around the world for their support of Michael throughout the years, in sunshine and in rain. We will always be ONE in LOVE.

Missing you, Michael. And loving you forever. ♥♥♥

"The man's innocent. He always was."
~ Thomas Mesereau, Jr. (June 13, 2005)

Dear Ones, this year's special 'Vindication Day' Prayer/Meditation will be at noon Pacific Time (3pm Eastern / 8:00pm in the UK / 21:00 CEST) or whenever you can take a moment on Friday, June 13th! Thank you! We hope you can join us :) For info, please see this post

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